I lifted this from Gala Darling, but she does have awesome things on how to master living life. (However, some of these tips are silly and superfluous.)


Before anyone gets offended, just read the comic

Hipster Hitler

80’s Video Dance Attack at Lola’s Room every Friday night.

80’s garb encouraged but not required. 21+ The best $5 you’ll spend all week.

McMenamins Crystal Ballroom & Lola’s Room calendar

What to do on a Tuesday night?

The best best best way to spend a Tuesday night in Portland is at the barcade Ground Kontrol in no-man’s-land between the Pearl and China Town. It’s karaoke for people who like Rock Band. They have all the tricked-out equipment and every single song one can possibly play on the game. It’s only a $1 cover and an additional $1 per song. As far as I’m concerned it’s the most worthy way to spend my tips.

See you on Tuesday!!

The motown revival cannot be trusted to Amy Winehouse.

Now don’t get me wrong, her voice is beyond comparison, but it looks like her sophomore album is a long ways off, if it’s coming at all.

But there is hope for the revival, fellow soul lovers. Please treat yourself to the melodic mastery of Aloe Blacc, whom I discovered for myself in shrine/treasure store on Hawthorne today. This LA native’s voice is enough to designate today a success!

(also. what a cutie!)

My new job is the best.

Last week I quit my political canvassing job because it was sucking my will to live. I realized that any job at which I can expect to be ignored and ridiculed is not a job I want to have. At the end of every day I was exhausted and hardly had the motivation to work on the whole wanting to have a writing career thing. Luckily, within a few days time I was hired at Saint Cupcake, a delicious bakery here in Portland. Now, people are excited to business with me because I am the person giving them delectable treats. Yeah. Vocation upgrade.

Also. You can order custom cupcake decorating kits online which we will ship anywhere in the US. They’re perfect for gifts or parties. Huzzah!

Well. Portland has a bedbug infestation. In fact, they seem to be sweeping the naysh. A couple years ago, a friend of mine had bedbugs in her nice downtown Portland apartment. She got new sheets, washed and dried all of her clothes on the highest dryer setting. She got her apartment fumigated. Twice. And they were still there. I guess all we can do now is pray we don’t get them. Eeksville!

In the meantime, enjoy this educational film by Isabella Rossellini.